Super Massive Crate Dash is a game currently in development by:

  • Paul Lombard – Art and special effects
  • Ivo Sissolak – Sound design and music
  • Sunrise Wang – Programming
  • Joshua Ramsbottom – Programming
  • Ryan Mazzolini (Me!) – Programming

The game originally started as an entry to the 2015 Global Game Jam:

Super Massive Crate Dash is a massive multi-player local single button infinite runner game. In SMCD, people can join on the fly by pressing a button (any keyboard button). Players are tasked to avoid obstacles, pick up power-ups, and avoid falling behind the camera. Dead players can still play by playing as crate obstacles, which can impede existing players.

Here are some links:
Windows – – Web – – Web/SuperMassiveCrateDash – Web.html
Linux – –
Mac – –

* links struck out are older builds, I will update when new builds are uploaded

smcd3 smcd2 smcd1


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